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Jumbo GridPix

Officially called nonograms and sometimes referred to as hidden pictures, Pic-a-Pix, paint by numbers, Griddlers, and picture logic, this type of puzzle consists of a blank grid with vertical and horizontal clues that signify sequences of black squares in each row and column.

When the puzzle is solved using logical reasoning a picture is revealed from the black squares on the grid.

Typically with this kind of grid-based puzzle, larger means harder.

The navigation system in Jumbo GridPix allows you to zoom in or out to a grid size of your choice, whether it be an easy to handle 5x5, a full screen 20x15, or any size in between.

It’s easy to use and the difficulty level is literally in your hands.

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76 ratings, avg = ★★★★★

138 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

56 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

35 ratings, avg = ★★★★★

19 ratings, avg = ★★★★

15 ratings, avg = ★★★★★

28 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

7 ratings, avg = ★★★★★


★★★★★ I love this app! It's the best one for playing nonograms/gridpix that I've found (and I've tried a bunch).

★★★★★ You have definitely got a winner here.

★★★★★ This has quickly become one of my favorite games.

★★★★★ Unique ability to break down a larger picture into workable parts.

★★★★★ A terrifically entertaining and innovative app.

★★★★★ I really enjoyed how easy it was to understand how you set it up. It grabbed my attention completely.

★★★★★ I haven't been this excited about an app in years.

★★★★★ Took months of daily play to solve them all.

★★★★★ I have been searching for a game like this for years!! Love it... very addictive.

★★★★★ I own all of the nonogram apps, and this one really shines. Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into the design.