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Word Search Art

Get on board for some good wholesome word search entertainment! As the words from the list are found in the puzzle, the letters fly off the screen to reveal a hidden picture. The puzzles are never the same twice so don't hesitate to play them again and again. Press and hold a word to see its definition.

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155 ratings, avg = ★★★★½


★★★★★ Really nice word search. Probably my favorite one yet!

★★★★★ I look forward to taking these puzzles with me on my next vacation.

★★★★★ challenging but extra dimension of evolving picture adds to the enjoyment.

★★★★★ This word search kept my interest.

★★★★★ The pictures are pretty and colorful.

★★★★★ If you are a word search nut, this is the game for you! More challenging than I anticipated.

★★★★★ This is a lot of fun, you get hooked in a hurry.

★★ Wish it was in landscape mode but other than that its relaxing!

★★★ This was fun, but, letters should be bigger.

And some negative...

Crossword Painter

Each puzzle starts with 50 crossword-style clues and a blank canvas. Solving each word reveals a number of letters in other words and gives you a color to add to the picture. If you're really stuck with any particular word, the available letters can be turned over one at a time or all together to play with; scrambled, of course. 

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22 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

9 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

146 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

64 ratings, avg = ★★★★½

★★★★★ This 1.0 version is already one of the best word puzzles in the app store.

★★★★★ I love this app, I've hardly put it down since it found me.

★★★★★ Best crossword app I've come across yet!

★★★★★ Be prepared to think outside the box!

★★★★★ Very entertaining. User can choose the complexity.

★★★★★ This is another of Cookie Apps genius concoctions. [I couldn't make this up - Cookie]

★★★★★ I highly recommend to word game and art lovers!